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Welcome to our SEARCH home page – and a quick rundown of what we at this Church of Ireland Journal aim to provide: a good mix of church and faith-related articles to stimulate discussion and fresh thinking in Ireland and beyond. We aim to ensure that our articles are as concise as the subject matter allows, attractively presented and accessible to non-specialists.. No dumbing-down here, but no space for “waffle” either!  And jargon is banned, because SEARCH is for everybody.

As well as inviting articles from key figures in Ireland and around the world, as editor I welcome unsolicited submissions also.  These can cover current issues in Church and society, reflections on faith and mission, biblical directives and challenges, historical and cultural themes, personal testimonies – and a few other things you might suggest. Contributors will not necessarily be Anglicans, or even Christians, but if Anglican we hope they will reflect the full breadth of our tradition.

The Archbishop of Armagh writes:

I am grateful for this opportunity, as the SEARCH website is getting a makeover, to add a few words of encouragement to the editor, Canon Ginnie Kennerley, and all who write for and read the periodical.

No one will be unaware of the polarisation which has taken place in almost all public debate and in every sphere of life over the past ten or so years. The “wedge issue” has become a default weapon in the armoury of many politicians and social commentators and we in the Church have sometimes been tempted to conduct our business after the manner of the world around us. We have not always resisted that temptation.

The Church of Ireland is a small, familial body of believers striving to walk and witness together despite the many differences of geography, culture, and world view – not to mention temperament – that mark us out as individuals and communities. So, it is important that we have a periodical such as SEARCH, where the best that can be thought and written on theology, society and faith, from every perspective, has a central place in our corporate life.

I commend its work to you.

+ John Armagh