SEARCH Journal

Our Aim

When SEARCH was launched in the late 1970s Archbishop Simms saw it as “a forum for discussion and honest enquiry” for the Church of Ireland that would “foster a better understanding in the face of spiritual problems and human perplexities”.

Around half a century later, our vision remains the same.

SEARCH offers a space for careful thinking and re-thinking in response to the Gospel and the concerns of today. Hence our motto: “Thinking and Believing Today.

Both the wisdom of experience and the challenge of new voices are needed. Honest enquiry requires both scholarship and fresh approaches. We hope you will always find these in our pages.


SEARCH – A Church of Ireland Journal first saw the light in 1978 as the successor to New Divinity and Resources.  The brainchild of Archbishop of Dublin George Otto Simms, its editors have included the late Miss Elizabeth Ferrar, Bishop Michael Burrows, and the V Revd Stephen R. White. The present editor, Canon Dr Virginia Kennerley, has been in place since 2004.

While originally the Journal was printed just twice each year, the decision to hold occasional Colloquiums on controversial issues enabled editors to produce three annually. Recent colloquiums have included: “Who is my Neighbour? Serving a wounded world in interreligious solidarity”.(2021, on zoom, enabling participation from three continents), “Developing Ministry: what is the Spirit saying to the Church” (2019), “Ecclesia Semper Reformanda” (2017), “Re-ordering Liturgical Space” (2015), “Remembering Vatican II: Some Anglican Perspectives” (2013), “Euthanasia and End of Life Issues” (2009), “Islamic-Christian Relations” (2006) and “War and Morality: the Church and Foreign Policy in the Present[Iraq] Crisis” (2003). Special one-subject issues have also appeared on “Mission 1910 – 2010 and Onward” (2010), “Education” (2006), “15 Years of Women’s Priesthood” (2005) and “Sexuality Issues in the Anglican Communion” (2004).

The Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge (APCK) is the publisher of SEARCH and the editorial team is grateful for its support.