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The Gathering Grounds Café: The story so far

The Gathering Grounds Café began with the architectural floor plans for the Kilternan Centre. Ours was a new build, and the architect, Stephen, had done an amazing job of creating a new facility in a rather limiting space at the back of the church.

More specifically, it began with the word ‘foyer’. This was an unusually shaped receiving area at the front of the Centre, too narrow to form a minor hall, too long to be a meeting room.

The Gathering Grounds Café began with an idea: how could the newly built Kilternan Centre be a place of welcome, a space where people could gather, experience Christian hospitality and acceptance, heal, grow, and belong? How could the Gathering Grounds enrich the existing parish mission of building community, strengthening worship, and growing in service?

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Rob Clements

Is Rector of Kilternan, diocese of Dublin.