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On worshipping with other faiths . . .

I REMEMBER once attending a Theological Conference in Tirana, Albania. My flight arrived early on Sunday. There was no Anglican chaplaincy that I could find. I still wanted to worship God on Sunday. I found a Greek Orthodox Church. I went in.

I stood among worshippers in what was a very beautiful and confident modern building, with all the features of Orthodox worship happening around me. I prayed in my own tradition alongside others of a different tradition. I felt that I detracted nothing from the primary act of worship in the Orthodox tradition being offered for others. I was technically uncomprehending, having neither the language nor the grasp of Orthodox ritual to engage as an insider. But it felt better to be there than not to be there.

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Archbishop Michael Jackson

Archbishop Michael Jackson

Archbishop of Dublin and Bishop of Glendalough, Chairman of the Network of Inter-Faith European and North American Concerns, and co-chair of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission with the Chief Rabbis of Israel.