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‘Will you support us in this calling?’ - young people’s challenge to the Church:

THESE words perfectly describe our mandate and spiritual obligation towards our young people. If we accept that the community of the Church of Ireland is required to pass on this rich reservoir of faith, and to do so enthusiastically, how are we doing? As you look down, up, or across your church as you worship on a Sunday morning, what are you seeing? ‘Regular’ church attendance used to be designated as a weekly event. Now it veers between ‘monthly’ and ‘at all major festivals’.

Many of our adults are reducing their consistent attendance at church, and this must have an effect on the children and grandchildren in our homes. If they see their parents and grandchildren attending church and enjoying it, then surely they would want to follow that example? The reverse is also true – if they see their parents and grandparents attending less, and finding church worship less attractive, then they are going to disengage much more swiftly.

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Pat Storey

Pat Storey

is Bishop of Meath and Kildare and President of the Church of Ireland Youth Department.