Summer 2016


NEVER MIND all the stories, stars and sensationalism of 1916 – what about the symbolism? This is the concern of the first two articles in this issue of SEARCH. From a Northern perspective, psychologist Roddy Cowie, seeks out the deep symbolism behind the stories of World War I heroism and its socio-political implications. He asks: “Can we find a common symbol of the time to unite North and South?” Then William Olhausen looks at Pearse’s central theme of blood sacrifice and questions its Christian credentials. The theme of self-sacrifice for a transcendent cause may be common to both sides of the border, but historical and communal differences remain.
Highly relevant to these matters, the thinking about “principalities and powers” of American theologian Walter Wink is explored by Rob Clements in the article which follows, naming the false gods and worldly systems that derail us. The stark reality of the migrant crisis is detailed next by Lydia Monds of Bishops’ Appeal, challenging us with facts and gures as well us the biblical imperative to do more and give more to help those in desperate need. Then Simon J. Lumby looks at the relation of secular and biblical views of marriage, noting that the Church may have imposed its view on the biblical texts rather than vice versa. Re ections on the recent Anglican Consultative Council in Lusaka by Maurice Elliott follow, along with a brie ng on the Dublin – Jerusalem link by Linda Chambers and an In Retrospect on Archbishop McAdoo by Kenneth Milne. A variety of book reviews concludes the issue. Happy reading – and please feel free to suggest further subject matter for upcoming issues.


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