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Summer 2022

BOTH the wide and the narrow views concern us just now. On the wide angle, we ask what the Churches can do for peace-making and justice in Europe and beyond; Bryan Kelly of TCD guides us through the challenges and opportunities. With a narrower focus, we ponder our vision for our own Church of Ireland, for “without a vision the people perish,” as Proverbs 29 warned us long ago. A select group of C of I notables offer their “vision”; and on a broader front, Archbishop John McDowell writes on the challenge facing the long delayed Lambeth Conference in July.

Some thoughts on personal spirituality come next: Maria Jansson shares her personal anguish over the invasion of Ukraine and where she found God in it; Brian Grogan SJ looks at how our ideas of eternity relate to modern science and our care for creation, Robin Stockitt urges the healing power of beauty, while Steve Brunn outlines a responsible approach to Scripture, searching its deep meaning rather than seeking confirmation of our own prejudices.

Liturgica, this time on “The Earth” and a crop of book reviews follow and as well as these we feature a letter to the editor from a former Sunday School teacher, with passionate guidance for drawing children into the imaginative life of the Church. We would love more letters from our readers and I hereby invite them. How do you react to what you read here; and what would you like SEARCH to explore?

With this question, I now cede space to our final appeal to all readers to ensure your SEARCH subscriptions are up to date.


Welcome to our SEARCH home page – and a quick rundown of what we at this Church of Ireland Journal aim to provide: a good mix of church and faith-related articles to stimulate discussion and fresh thinking in Ireland and beyond.We aim to ensure that our articles are as concise as the subject matter allows, attractively presented and accessible to non-specialists.. No dumbing-down here, but no space for “waffle” either!  And jargon is banned, because SEARCH is for everybody.

As well as inviting articles from key figures in Ireland and around the world, as editor I welcome unsolicited submissions also.  These can cover current issues in Church and society, reflections on faith and mission, biblical directives and challenges, historical and cultural themes, personal testimonies – and a few other things you might suggest. Contributors will not necessarily be Anglicans, or even Christians, but if Anglican we hope they will reflect the full breadth of our tradition.


On this website you will find Facebook and Twitter to enable feed-back and discussion; also full details of the current issue, our editorial team, our history, and an archive of earlier issues. Postage-paid subscription details are here too. Do please subscribe, enjoy the read, and get in touch with your comments.  

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