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Our history and our aims

SEARCH - A Church of Ireland Journal, first saw the light in 1978 as the successor to New Divinity and Resources. Coming out three times a year, in Spring, Summer and Autumn editions, it aims to stimulate theological and church-related discussion both in Ireland and wherever the life and thought of the Church of Ireland and the wider Anglican Communion is of interest. We try to include articles from beyond these shores, indeed from as many continents as possible. We also invite contributions from all areas of the Anglican theological spectrum, in the hope of helping some Anglicans at least to better understand each other's points of view. Nor are our contributors necessarily Anglicans, or even Christians. We at SEARCH put a high value on ecumenical dialogue.

While all the articles, we hope, are theologically literate, many are not written by professional theologians; some writers may be historians, language specialists, parochial clergy, artists, teachers - any one to whom the life of the Church is important. The bottom line is that whatever we offer our readers, it should be readable, relevant and helpful. Occasionaly we offer a "one subject" issue, so as to explore many aspects of one key issue of the time. Most of our contributors do so by invitation; but the editor, the Revd Canon Dr Ginnie Kennerley, is glad to receive submissions. If you wish to to offer an article for publication, please contact her first , using the address on the left.

The Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge (APCK) is formally the publisher of SEARCH. However all editorial queries should be addressed to Canon Kennerley, while distribution and financial matters are handled by Michael Denton (see address on the left).

We are happy to note that subscriptions for 2014 remain at the same level as 2013 and 2012. Margins are tight, though, so we would be grateful if any one who forgot to renew their subscription before the turn of the year would do so without further delay. Subscription forms were included with the autumn issue; but they are also available on this website. Some subscribers have asked if a simpler payment system could be arranged, so it is now possible to pay electronically. Details are on the subscription form enclosed with the autumn issue and on this website. Please make sure to alert Mr Denton if you wish to pay by this method, and let him have any changes in your postal or email address.. Click here to re-subscribe. Subscription forms are also available at the back of every issue.