Summer 2013


The biennial SEARCH colloquia on the various subjects we have chosen have always been rewarding. This spring’s colloquium on the Second Vatican Council of 1962-65, considered fifty years after the event from an Anglican perspective, has been exceptional in that, thanks to sponsorship from Trinity College Dublin chaplaincy and Ecclesiastical Insurance, we were able to recruit speakers from three countries other than our own, and both Archbishops of Dublin spoke eirenically to introduce and conclude the proceedings in TCD.
We are grateful to the Bishop of Woolwich, Michael Ipgrave, for coming to contribute his insights on inter-faith matters as these were affected by the Vatican II documents; to Dr Kevin Moroney of The Episcopal Church in Pennsylvania for attending to cast light on the liturgical contribution and influence of Vatican II; and to Dr Clare Amos of the World Council of Churches for coming from Geneva to cast light on the Council’s influence on biblical scholarship over the past fifty years. We are no less indebted to our own home-grown expert on Inter-Church theology, Dr Andrew Pierce of the Irish School of Ecumenics, to Archbishop Michael Jackson, who in his opening reflections considered current sensitivities and opportunities, and to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, who in his closing remarks spoke of “out common sense of mission and our common witness to the message of Jesus Christ” in the context of the culture of today. May we all come through to united Christian witness to the Gospel of Christ. Also in this issue, the Ven Gordon Linney considers a matter currently of grave concern to all Irish citizens – that of the medical care of pregnant women and of respect for their right to life, which must never be less than the right of the child in the womb. The word “abortion” has become too emotionally loaded to allow objective discussion; but this is not a matter of wilfully curtailing the life of the unborn. It concerns protection of the life of their mothers, who care for and hopefully will continue to care for all the children they bear. Finally, a word of thanks to all those who have renewed their subscription to SEARCH for the current year. There remain too many who have not done so. We value your support and trust that you will do so without further delay.  Please don’t let us down!


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