Spring 2015


A REVIEW of the work and witness of the Christian Renewal Centre, founded 40 years ago last autumn, opens this issue of Search – a tribute to the late Cecil Kerr and his leadership in reconciliation between Protestant and Catholic communities and spiritual renewal across the denominations in Ireland. As Patrick McGlinchey writes: “The legacy of the CRC challenges us to leave room for the unsettling ministry of the Holy Spirit”.
Further articles explore how this prompting to inclusivity may work out in practice. Adrian Clements considers how our calling as Christians demands that we care for one another at parish level, and the structures needed to enable such care when relationships are challenged by illness, misunderstanding or bad behaviour. His article is particularly pertinent to decision-making at this year’s General Synod. William Marshall’s article on “Church, Gospel and Mission” looks to the Four Nations Faith and Order Consultation meeting in Dublin this May, and what we have to contribute to it as Anglicans. Robbie Roulston follows up with a critical look at discriminatory practices, particularly in the areas of education and health care, which “go both ways”, the Protestant community in the Republic being as guilty in this area as the dominant majority. Widening the area of inclusivity still further, Ali Selim of the Islamic Cultural Centre, looks at Islam’s teaching on inter-faith relations, showing that Qur’anic instructions on relations with Christians is much more liberal than is commonly supposed. In our series on seasonal scripture readings intended largely for preachers and biblical explorers, Margaret Barker contributes some fascinating textual insights in her article “Jesus and Isaiah on the Emmaus Road”, identifying the source of the “glory” dimension of Luke’s text. And to turn to biography, we are delighted that Brenda Sheil, until recently lay hon secretary of General Synod for the Northern province, has accepted our invitation to reflect on her journey of faith and service in the Church of Ireland. Search’s next issue will be based on material from our April 18 Colloquium on the evolution of worship space and its significance, “Re- pitching the Tent”, led by Richard Giles, Michael Burrows, Tom Gordon and conservation architect Margaret Quinlan. Do come to this event for the full experience, which will be “beyond print”!


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