SESSION THREE: Response to the Challenge – local, national and international.

Brother Jean-Marie of Taizé, Rt Revd Andrew Forster, Dr Nicola Brady, Canon Delene Mark, Greg Fromholz, Ruth Cooke.
Chair: Ven Gordon Linney

“THE NORMS and notions of ’just is’ aren’t always justice”. Those words from a poem by Amanda Gorman, read at President Biden’s inauguration, provide for me a fitting introduction to this afternoon’s session – a reminder of the challenges facing the world today. The members of our group are well qualified to help us think through some of the issues. Our keynote speaker is Brother Jean-Marie, a New York born member of the Taizé community and no stranger to Dublin. We remember meeting here some years ago when with a group from Taizé he came here to assist in an inspiring programme. He has chosen the title: Our neighbours in today’s world? Some lessons learned in Taizé.