SESSION FOUR: Serving the Neighbour – Concerted Action to serve and save the World

Panel discussion hosted by Archbishop Michael Jackson, with David Ford, Peniel Rajkumar, Esther Mombo
& Brother Jean-Marie.

THE FINAL SESSION was led by the Most Revd Michael Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin, who is known in the wider Anglican Communion for his work in the area of interfaith dialogue and ecumenism. Revd Steve Brunn was monitoring questions as they came in.

I’D LIKE to thank Dr Peniel Rajkumar in a very particular way for giving us the context in which this challenging document came to light. To have somebody who was the author in our presence in this way who’s also a friend of mine is wonderful. Now we’re moving into a context where we might, as it were, hold hands and dream dreams, because we’re looking towards concerted action to serve and to save the world.

More than once we have been warned that is very easy to segregate the intellectual and the emotional from the practical and the justice component. And I think we’re all accustomed to hearing about head and heart, and indeed the hands, but we’re not all that accustomed to the warning about the heel. That was a very arresting image.