God and the Pandemic: Living the Question

WHAT? In the midst of this mayhem, in which our whole world is being turned upside down, who would even put ‘God’ and ‘pandemic’ together?

Yet, from another perspective, putting them together is inevitable. Losses are mounting; the news brings more dire events every hour. And when we come out of the immediate crisis, facing an even bigger, longer and more difficult one, much of our old world may no longer be recognisable.

We will have to live with the corona virus for a long time to come – and with the many ways it leads to remaking our world and our relation to our environment, our governments and each other. Because the crisis is worldwide and affects everyone, it has become the first truly global emergency in memory. Today’s media ensure that few of us escape learning about the virus’s impact personally, socially and politically – anywhere in the world. But what about the larger perspective? Given humanity’s investment over millennia in what we call God, some thinking is called for about the relation between God and what we are experiencing now: an existential crisis for humanity as a whole.