Old Editions 1978 – 2003


Aalen, E.: God unites – in Christ a New Creation -XVI, 1 p.33

Aalen, E.: Questions Children Ask – Christmas -XIX, 2 p.118

Aalen, E.: Silenced Laughter: Jubilee and World Debt -XXII, 1 p.18

Aalen, F.H.A.: Facing up to Environmentalism -XXIII, 1 p.5

Acheson, A.: An Eirenic High Churchman: Bishop John Jebb (1775-1833) -XXIII, 1 p.29

Acheson, M.: Participation – development – peace: 1985 -International Youth Year -VIII, 1 p.25

Allchin, D.: Grounded in Love: Aspects of the Welsh Christian Tradition -XXIV, 1 p.43

Anderson, D.: The Irish School of Ecumenics: What part does it play in Reconciliation in Ireland -XXIII, 2 p.115

Atack, I.: The ethics of intervention and the limits of state sovereignty -XXVI, 2 p.79


Baillie, F.: The Efficacy of Prayer -XIX, 2 p.104

Barcroft, J.: “Readiness for Religion”: Religious Studies in the Leaving Certificate -VIII, 1 p.21

Barcroft, J.: Religious education in the secondary school: an approach to the denominational issue -III, 2 p.20

Barnard, T.: A Clerical Historian: St John D. Seymour -XXVI, 1 p.30

Barrett, P.F.: Adventure in ministry (ii) Dublin -VII, 1 p.12

Barrett, P.F.: Alexander Knox: Lay Theologian of the Church of Ireland -XXIII, 1 p.40

Barry, J.: Christian marriage in Ireland–has it a future -XV, 1 p.40

Barry, J.: In Retrospect: Charles King Irwin -XIV, 1 p.30

Barry, J.: In Retrospect: Ernest William Carlile Hayes, 1868-1950 -VI, 1 p.24

Barry, J.: In Retrospect: Iona by Curragh, 1963 -XX, 1 p.42

Barry, J.P.O.: Ministering today for tomorrow’s church -IV, 2 p.3

Bartlett, J.R.: China visited 1983 -VII, 1 p.21

Bartlett, J.R.: Help my unbelief -XII, 1 p.33

Bartlett, J.R.: Remembrance -XXI, 2 p.110

Battye, J.N.: Children and the liturgy: Who is responsible now -IV, 2 p.13

Bedlow, D.: Music in worship: the function of church music and the role of the choir -VIII, 2 p.87

Bennett, A. and Marshall, W.J.: Questions children ask: Baptism -XV, 2 p.101

Blennerhassett, T.F.: To be a pilgrim -IV, 1 p.15

Boucher, E.W.J.: In Retospect: Charles John Brennan, 1876-1972 -VIII, 1 p.28

Boyd, R.: Floreat Ut Pereat: Reflections on the Silver Jubilee of the Irish School of Ecumenics -XVIII, 2 p.95

Boyd, R.H.S.: Bishops for all? Some criteria for an ecumenically acceptable episkope -X, 2 p.88

Boyd, R.H.S.: Perspectives on ecumenism – wider and deeper -IX, 1 p.47

Boyle, T.: On being a lay reader -XII, 2 p.19

Bradshaw, A.: Music in the educational process -VIII, 2 p.93

Bradshaw, P.: The Effects of Liturgical Revision on Anglican Doctrine -XXVI, 3 p.???

Brown, J.S.: Vocation to the ordained ministry -II, 2 p.12

Brown, R.N. and McSkillen, S.: Survey: School assemblies for worship -VI, 2 p.37

Brown, T.: Beckett and Religion -XXI, 1 p.188

Brown, T.: The Church of Ireland: Some literary perspectives -III, 2 p.5

Buchanan, A.: In Retrospect: Alan Alexander Buchanan -XVII, 1 p.34

Budd, J.: From Cork to York: William Connor Magee -XIV, 1 p.43

Budd, J.: Tomorrow’s Church today? -V, 2 p.20

Burgess, H.: Church Leadership in a Changing World -XXV, 3 p.197

Burrows, E.: The Mothers’ Union in Ireland, 1887-1987 -X, 1 p.12

Burrows, G.H.J.: Maranatha -XII, 2 p.50

Burrows, M.: Children and Communion: The Next Step -XVI, 2 p.114

Burrows, M.: Issues in Human Sexuality: 1998 Lambeth Resolution
1.10 and the Church of Ireland -XXIV, 2 p.138

Byrne, M.: A Man lost: a new look at an old parable -VI, 2 p.14

Byrne M., and Jenkins, R.G.F.: In Retrospect: John Purser Shortt, 1894-1966 -X, 1 p.29

Byrne, M. No room for the inn -V, 2 p.37


Caird, D.A.R.: In Retrospect: Douglas Hyde -XI, 2 p.90

Caird, D.A.R.: In Retrospect: Cosslett Quin -XXVI, 3 p.???

Caird, D.A.R.: Lambeth Conferences I have known -XX, 2 p.109

Candon, I.M.: Peace movements: a theological challenge -III, 2 p.32

Carroll, D.: What’s Another Millennium? -XXII, 2 p.111

Carroll, T.: In Retrospect: H.R. McAdoo; ARCIC Chairman -XXV, 2 p.131

Carroll, T.: Jeremy Taylor: A Spiritual Star -XXV, 1 p.51

Cathcart, K.J.: Edward Hincks, 1792-1866: Clergyman and Scholar -XXI, 2 p.103

Catholic Press and
Information Office Document:
The Catholic Church and education -VIII, 2, p.110

Chadwick, G.: Praying the Scriptures -X, 2 p.83

Chillingworth, D.R.: The inbeteens -VI, 2 p.5

Chillingworth, D.R.: Young people and the Bible -II, 1 p.36

Clarke, L.: Denominational teaching: a defence -III, 2 p.25

Clarke, R.L.: Eucharistic worship and the “APB” -XIV, 1 p.19

Clarke, R.L.: Lambeth 1998 – Travelling Hopefully? -XX, 2 p.105

Clarke, R.L.: One Bread, One Body…One Year -XXII, 2 p.117

Clarke, R.L. The Dublin connection: two Archbishops and
the Oxford Movement -VI, 2 p.17

Clarke, R.L. and Milne, K.: In Retrospect: F.S.L. Lyons -XXIII, 2 p.141

Colton, P.: The Pastoral Care of Interchurch Families -XVII, 2 p.109

Combe, J.C.: Huguenot Heritage: some Huguenot worthies
of the Irish Church -VIII, 2 p.76

Comerford, P.: A Schism or a Tradition? The Church of Ireland and the
Nonjurors -XXV, 2 p.100

Comerford, P.: “Compassionate and passionate”: Colin O’Brien
Winter (1928-1981) -XIV, 2 p.34

Comerford, P.: Co. Wexford in 1798: Understanding the role of Church of
Ireland clergy and laity -XX, 1 p.32

Comerford, P.: Edward Nangle (1799-1883): The Achill Missionary in a
New Light -XXII, 2 p.123

Comerford, P.: Islam and Muslims in Ireland: Moving from Encounter
to Understanding -XIX, 2 p.89

Comerford, P.: “Just War” and “jihad”: whose “holy war” in Iraq? -XXVI, 2 p.65

Corbett, R.J.H.: A Personal Reminiscence of Edmund Curtis -XIX, 2 p.127

Coulter, E.M.: The teacher’s job -II, 2 p.26

Cox, N., Abortion (ii) -XXIV, 2 p.126

Crawford, J. and Gillespie, R.: The Church of Ireland and its History: Some
Recent Writing -XXVI, 1 p.5

Cronin, D.K.: Kindling the Flame: Patrick and the Wesleys -XXIV, 1 p.50

Crooks, S.B.: Belfast Cathedral -V, 2 p.15


Dale, A.T.: A fireside chat: reading the Bible with children -II, 1 p.5

Daly, G.: Ecology and the Theology of Creation -XVIII, 2 p.106

Daly-Denton, M.: Recent Liturgical Revision in the Roman Catholic Church -XXVI, 3 p.???

Damien, Br, SSF: The Franciscan Chameleon -VIII, 1 p.8

Darling, E.F.: The Auxiliary Ministry -XII, 2 p.6

Davey, R.R.: Terence O’Neill – an appreciation -XIII, 2 p.30

Davison, D.: An organist looks at the APB -VII, 2 p.5

Dawson, G.: Opening the T.C.D. Chapel -XXI, 1 p.205

Deane, J.L.B.: Primary Schools in the Diocese of Cork -I, 1 p.15

Deane, J.L.B.: Document: The census 1981 and the Church of
Ireland (a) in the Republic -IX, 1 p.67

Deane, J.L.B. and Turner, R.E.: The 1991 Census and the Church of Ireland -XIX, 1 p.26

Delap, K.: In Retrospect: Henrietta Margaret White -XIII, 2 p.27

Diocese of Ferns: Interchurch marriage report -IX, 2 p.70

Dobbs, F.: The Church – the Body of Christ -XI, 2 p.82

Duggan, J.C.: A Century of Spanish Anglican Witness -XVII, 2 p.75

Duley, M.: Museum or Powerhouse? Towards a theology of
Cathedral Music -XVI, 1 p.7

Dunbar, R.A.: Adolescence: when fact becomes fiction -VI, 1 p.13

Dunlop, R.: In Retrospect: Desmond G. Bowen (1921-1998) -XXII, 2 p.137

Dunstan, G.: The Clothing of the Passion: Symbolism in the Passion
Narrative of St John’s Gospel -XXII, 1 p.26


Eames, R.H.A.: Lambeth ’88: a question of diversity -XI, 2 p.104

Eames, R.H.A.: Towards agreement (Toronto 1986) -IX, 2 p.16

Edgar, D.: The Theology of Luke’s Gospel -XX, 2 p.115

Elliott, E.P.M.: The Church of Ireland and Northern Ireland schools -I, 2 p.31

Elliott, E.P.M.: Unity and witness -V, 1 p.6

Elliott, I.: God and the Big Bang -XVI, 2 p.129

Ellis, I.M.: In Retrospect: Kathleen Helena Haggard, 1888-1979 -VIII, 2 p.83

Elsdon, R.: Good News According to Amstrad -XIX, 2 p.94

Elsdon, R. To care for the earth: a call to a new theology,
by Sean McDonagh: review article -X, 1 p.37


Feldman, E.: The Irish Jewish community -V, 1 p.26

Fennell, H.H.: The child in the Church -I, 1 p.23

Ferrar, E.: In Retrospect: Kenneth Kennedy, 1865-1943 -VII, 1 p.26

Ferrar, E.: In Retrospect: Frederick Robert Willis -XV, 1 p.36

Ferrar, E.: Tribute to a Chairman -XV, 1 p.7

Flannery, A.: Glenstal Ecumenical Congress 1983 -VI, 2 p.28

Fletcher, A.J.: God’s jesters: the development of medieval drama -IV, 2 p.29

Ford, A.: Celtic Christianity: discovery or invention? -XXIV, 1 p.5

Frazer, H.: Tackling Unemployment – Building an Inclusive Society -XIX, 1 p.19

Freyne, S.: Studying the Bible in an ecumenical context:
a Roman Catholic perspective -V, 1 p.19

Furlong, A.: Adventure in ministry: (i) Harare -VII, 1 p.10


Gillespie, P.: Ireland and the U.N.: Principle or Pragmatism -XXVI, 2 p.92

Gillespie, R. and Crawford, J.: The Church of Ireland and its History: Some
Recent Writing -XXVI, 1 p.5

Gilmour, D.: Religious education with teenagers -I, 2 p.19

Good, D.: Why it is inaccurate and unprofitable to argue that the
Bible condemns homosexuality -XXIV, 2 p.148

Good, K.: Too many eggs in one basket?
Religious education at second level -X, 1 p.31

Good, N.: Charles Tyndall, 1900-1971: “The Peace Bishop” -XX, 1 p.46

Goodison, A.C.: Experience of music -IX, 2 p.50

Gordon, T.: HIV and AIDS – Pastoral and Personal Reflections -XXI, 2 p.81

Gordon, T.: Ordination – Holy Madness? -XXV, 3 p.205

Gordon, T.W.: The Paraclete in the Fourth Gospel -XI, 2 p.72

Grace, E.: In Retrospect: Dr George H.P. Hewson, 1881-1972 -X, 2 p.97

Graham, M.: The Church of Ireland On-Line -XXIII, 2 p.123

Greehy, J.J.: Vatican II on the Bible -II, 1 p.41

Greer, J.E.: Religious experience and religious education -IV, 1 p.23

Greer, J.E.: The Conflict Between Science and Religion – a Report
on Educational Research -XVI, 1 p.69

Greer, J.E.: The importance of religion -XII, 2 p.22


Haggart, A.I.M.: Bishoping today -I, 2 p5

Haggart, A.I.M.: Healing of memories -XIII, 1 p.18

Haggart, A.I.M.: Lambeth ’88: one man’s Lambeth -XI, 2 p.107

Haggart, A.I.M.: Women’s ministry in the Anglican Church –
past, present and future -IX, 1 p.5

Hanson, A.T.: Liberation Theology and the New Testament -VIII, 2 p.65

Hare Duke, M.G.: The Scottish Episcopal Church -XIII, 1 p.12

Harper, A.E.T.: A form of Godliness: some dynamics of spirituality
in the parish -X, 1 p.18

Harrington, W.: Revelation -XVI, 2 p.87

Hartin, J.: Education for ministry -III, 1 p.5

Hartin, J.: Lambeth 1978 -I, 2 p.14

Harvey, B.: Ecumenism and youth work -II, 2 p.38

Harvey, B.: Year of Shelter or year of desperation -X, 1 p.5

Harvey, B.: Young people and the church – problem or challenge? -V, 1 p.31

Hearun, B.: “Educating faith”: towards a new R.E. syllabus
for primary schools: need for a new syllabus -VIII, 1 p.14

Hearun, B.: Thematic approach to teaching R.E. in the primary school -II, 1 p.14

Henry, M.: Abortion (i) -XXIV, 2 p.119

Hewlett, D.J.P.: Review article: The Search for the Christian doctrine
of God (R.P.C. Hanson) -XII, 2 p.58

Hewlett, D.J.P.: Signs of a New Age -XV, 1 p.18

Hewlett, D.J.P.: The shape of ministry -XI, 1 p7

Hilliard, S.: Thy Kingdom come: the Anglican social tradition
yesterday and today -VII: 1 p.43

Hislop, H.: The bishops and the schools: 1806-1812 -XIII, 2 p.36

Hogan, L.: Consistency and Irish Foreign Policy -XXVI, 2 p.85

Holloway, R.F.: Grand opera or a kiss: Christian worship and the
joy of God -X, 2 p.73

Holmes, R.F.G.: 150 years of the General Assembly -XIII, 2 p.21

Homfray, K.: The Status and Authority of the Articles of Religion in the
Canon Law of the Church of Ireland -XXV, 2. p.89

Houston, S.K.: Personal reflections on the Auxiliary Ministry -XII, 2 p.11

Howatch, S.: God – A View from Starbridge -XXII, 1 p.5

Hurley, M.: Goings and comings -XII, 2 p.53

Hurley, M.: In Retrospect: Irish Anglicanism (1869-1969) -XVIII, 1 p.14

Hurley, M.: Unity and Holiness: The Una Sancta -XXI, 2 p.106

Hyland, C.: Selection and Training for Ordination: Then and Now -XXV, 1 p.22



Jackson, C.: Aspects of Church, State and Family Law in the
Republic of Ireland -XVIII, 1 p.44

Jackson, M.G. St A.: Spirituality and St Augustine -XI, 1 p.31

Jackson, M.G. St A.: Whither Spirituality? -XX, 1 p.16

Jansson, M.: Reflections on Ceiliuradh (ii) -XXIII, 2 p.102

Jeanrond, W.G.: The Christian Church in the new Europe -XV, 2 p.87

Jeanrond, W.G.: Toady’s university -XI, 1 p.14

Jenkins, R.G.F.: In Retrospect: William Maturin, 1806-1887 -VI, 2 p.23

Jenkins, R.G.F. and Byrne, M.: In Retrospect: John Purser Shortt, 1894-1966 -X, 1 p.29

Johnston, L.: No house called home -X, 2 p.107

Jones, V.: In Retrospect: Simms & McQuaid, Two Contrasting
Archbishops -XXIV, 2 p.161


Kastor, F.S.: C.S. Lewis’ “Holy Ireland” -XXI, 1 p.171

Kearon, K.: In Retrospect: John Simpson Brown -XXII, 1 p.43

Kennedy, M.C.: Clarifications – on Eucharist and Ministry -XVIII, 1 p.56

Kennedy, M.C.: Liturgical revision -XII, 1 p.11

Kennerley, V.: The challenge of Buddhism -VII, 2 p.37

Kenny, C.: Into the third Millennium with the Gospel, self-confidence
and humility -XXIII, 1 p.21

Kevin, Br.: SSF, Franciscans -III, 1 p.11

Kinahan, T.: Pondetta perspective: The Church of Ireland tradition
from a Papua New Guinea perspective -VI, 2 p.11

Kinahan, T.: Training for ministry, (i) Papua New Guinea -VII, 1 p.15


Lambeth document: From “The Family in contemporary society” -X, 1 p.57

Lambeth document: The meaning and unity of the Anglican Communion -X, 2 p.134

Lambeth document: The thirty-nine articles and the Anglican tradition -X, 2 p.132

Lampe, G.W.H.: Women priests: objections overruled? -II, 2 p.18

Lane, D.A.: Ecology and eschatology -XIII, 1 p.28

Langley, P.: Keeping up appearances? -III, 2 p.29

Larminie, M.: An ecumenical experience -V, 2 p.31

Larminie, M.: Ministry of opportunity – a lay point of view -III, 1 p.25

Larminie, M.: Some ideas aimed to help explore the subject of
worship and widen perspectives of it -VII, 2 p.13

Lawrence, D.: Stained Glass in the Church of Ireland -XIX, 1 p.5

Lawrence, P.H.A.: Review article: A parish adult education handbook -X, 1 p.41

Levistone Cooney, D.: Irish Anglicans and Methodists: A Personal Reflection -XXIII, 1 p.55

Linney, G.C.S.: We Must Remain Kneeling – Thoughts on a new Millennium -XXII, 2 p.94

Livingstone, D.N.: Darwinism and the theologians -X, 2 p.99

Locke, K.: Youth Work in the Church of Ireland: A Study in Failure? -XVI, 1 p.49

Looney, A.: Testing Times? A new challenge for Religious Education -XXIII, 2 p.135

Lord, J.L.: In Retrospect: J.C. Beckett -XXV, 1 p.54

Losack, M.: The Bible, the Desert and the Celtic Tradition:
Rediscovering Treasures in Christian Spirituality -XXIV, 1 p.20

Love, H.W.: In Retrospect: Hugh Jackson Lawlor, 1860-1938 -VII, 2 p.32

Love, H.W.: In Retrospect: Henry West Rennison -XV, 2 p.94

Luce, A.F.: The diocese in the Church’s mission -I, 2 p.10

Luce, J.V.: In Retrospect: Robert Malcolm Gwynn -XX, 2 p.121

Luce, J.V.: In Retrospect: William Bedell Stanford -XXVI, 2 p.107

Luce, J.V.: The Church of Ireland and Trinity College
Dublin, 1592-1992 -XV, 1 p.9


McAdoo, H.R.: Catachetics from Cork -XV, 2 p.78

McAdoo, H.R.: Citizenship -XI, 1 p.5

McAdoo, H.R.: Glory in the Church (Conference): Introductory address -IV, 1 p.5

McAdoo, H.R.: The religion of a layman – James Bonnell -XIV, 1 p.36

McAdoo, H.R.: The Whole Duty of the Clergy -XVI, 1 p.39

McAulay, E.: Trinity College Chapel -XXI, 1 p.200

MacCarthy, R.B.: In Retrospect: Elizabeth Bowen -XVII, 2 p.96

MacCarthy, R.B.: In Retrospect: Godfrey Day -XI, 1 p.26

McCaughey, T.: The gift of the Spirit -XIII, 1 p25

McCaughey, T and Paterson, J.T.F.: The goal of preaching -XIV, 2 p.27

McClatchey, D.: The role of the woman deacon in the Church -IX, 1 p.14

McClean, J.D.: An external Partner’s View of P.I.M. -VII, 1 p.31

McConnell, D.: Liturgy and music -IV, 2 p.37

McCormack, A.: In Tune with Heaven? The Church Hymnal Fifth Edition -XXIV, 2 p.109

McCormack, A.: The Study of the Old Testament and Theological
Formation: Some Preliminary Comments -XIX, 1 p.48

McCready, J.: Symbol and sign in the sacraments -XIV, 1 p.25

MacDermott, J.: The care of the dying and the bereaved -III, 1 p.18

McDonald, J.R.B.: Body Language and Spirituality -XXII, 1 p.34

McDonald, J.R.B.: Letter re “A programme for religious education in
the primary school” (N.I.) -VI, 2 p.33

McDonald, J.R.B.: Ministry to ministers -XII, 1 p.37

McDonald, J.R.B.: Post-Ordination training -XI, 1 p.21

McEndoo, N.: Questions Children Ask: Prayer -XVII, 2 p.91

McEvoy, J.: A personal view of Roman Catholicism -III, 1 p.40

McGaffin, J.T.N.: Document: The census 1981 and the Church of
Ireland, (b) Northern Ireland -IX, 1 p.86

McGarry, P.: The Church of Ireland and Drumcree – A View
from the Media -XXIII, 2 p.107

McKelvey, R.S.J.H.: Nurture in the faith -V, 2 p.34

McKinley, A.H.N.: A Pastoral search -IX, 1 p.33

McMahon, E.E.: Bible-based approach to religious education -IX, 1 p.25

McSkillen S., and Brown, R.N.: Survey: School assemblies for worship -VI, 2 p.37

McSweeney, B.: Exceptionalism, realism and contemporary U.S.
Foreign Policy -XXVI, 2 p.74

Maddocks, M.: Christ heals today -XI, 2 p.65

Magahy, G.S.: Protestant Secondary Schools -XI, 1 p35

Marsden, J.: The Union of Religious Creeds: Theobald Wolfe Tone
and the Origins of the Irish Republican Tradition -XVII, 1 p.25

Marshall, M.E.: Glory in the Church (Conference): renewal in worship -IV,1 p.6

Marshall, W.J.: Anglican -Methodist Relations in Ireland: A Church of
Ireland View -XXIII, 1 p.51

Marshall, W.J.: C.S. Lewis: Reason and Imagination -XXI, 1 p.182

Marshall, W.J.: Living worship -XIV, 1 p.6

Marshall, W.J.: Meditation: an introduction -IV, 2 p.43

Marshall, W.J.: Teaching philosophy of religion -I, 2 p.26

Marshall, W.J.: Theology in the Church of Ireland, 1950-2000 -XXVI, 3 p.???

Marshall, W.J. and Bennett, A.: Questions children ask: Baptism -XV, 2 p.101

Mason, K.S.: The Scottish Episcopal Church -XX, 1 p.26

May, J.D.A.: Economics of ecumenics -XIII, 1 p.32

Mayes, A.D.H.: Andrew Furlong and Tried for Heresy: A Reflection -XXVI, 3 p.???

Mayes, A.D.H.: In Retrospect: R.G.F. Jenkins -XXIII, 1 p.58

Mayes, A.D.H.: Natural and Revealed Religion: an Old Testament
Perspective XVII, 1 p.40

Mayes, A.D.H.: Old Testament covenant -VIII, 2 p.69

Mayes, A.D.H.: Prophecy and Revelation in the Old Testament -XVIII, 1 p.35

Mayes, A.D.H.: The Psalms and contemporary belief -XIV, 2 p.13

Mayes, G.: In Retrospect: Charles Maurice Gray-Stack -XIX, 1 p.60

Mayes, G.: Our debt to Cranmer -XII, 1 p.5

Mayes, M.H.G.: “Born again” Christianity -XII, 1 p.28

Mayes, M.H.G.: World Mission: a practical possibility? -XIV, 1 p.47

Mayne, B.: International Anglican Liturgical Consultation –
Dublin 1995 -XIX, 1 p.14

Mayne, B.: The Church of England’s Common Worship 2000 and its
Implications for the Church of Ireland’s Book of Common
Prayer 2004 -XXV, 1 p5

Mehaffey, J.: Christian education in the family -I, 1 p.5

Mehaffey, J.: Partners in Mission: Ireland 1983 -VI, 1 p.8

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Moore, P.C.: Cathedrals -V, 2 p.5

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C.B. Davidson-Houston and the Irish Church Society -XXV, 1 p11

Moreton, J.: The Nuns’ Story: The Community of St John the Evangelist -XXVI, 1 p.34

Moroney, K.J.: Anglican Catholicism within the Diocese of Dublin -XXV, 2 p.112

Moroney, K.J.: Rebirth, Refinement and Renewal: Prayer Book Revision
in the Church of Ireland -XXVI, 3 p.???

Morrison, H.T.: The central administration of the Church -I, 1 p.35

Muinzer, L.: The Bible and modern drama -XIV, 2 p.6

Murray, Dom Placid: Review article: The Alternative Prayer Book, 1984 -VIII, 1 p.32


Neely, W.: By Penny Post to Madden -XXI, 2 p.88

Neely, W.: The Clergy: their changing social and economic status -XVI, 2 p.96

Neill, J.R.W.: Encounter with fundamentalism -III, 1 p.31

Neill, J.R.W.: International Christian Gatherings -XXII, 1 p.11

Neill, J.R.W.: Liturgy for Ordination -XIV, 2 p.22

Neill, J.R.W.: The Biblical basis of the Charismatic Movement -II, 2 p.32

Noakes, G.: The Church in Wales -XIII, 1 p6

Norman, J.: The School Around the Corner is not still the same:
The Need for Pastoral Care in Schools -XXV, 3 p.185

Norton, G.: The Dead Sea Scrolls: Sensation, Scholarship, Scandal -XVI, 1 p.23


Odling-Smee, W.: The auxiliary ministry -V, 1 p.35

O’Ferrall, R.: The source of revival – the Bible -XIII, 2 p.10

O Glaisne, R.: In Retrospect: Lil Nic Dhonnchadha -XII, 1 p.23

O’Reilly, J.: Celtic Art and the Gospel -XXIV, 1 p.34

O’Shea, C.: What are we saying? -XII, 2 p.37

O’Sullivan, G.: The Godless Colleges -XVIII, 1 p.65


Pamment, G.C.: Towards the 21st century: reflections on the future of
parish life -XV, 1 p.24

Parkes, S.M.: In Retrospect: Canon Henry Kingsmill Moore, DD,
1853-1943 -IX, 1 p.22

Paterson, J.T.F.: In Memoriam: Maurice Carey -XXIV, 2 p.105

Paterson, J.T.F.: In Memoriam: Elizabeth Ferrar -XXIV, 2 p.107

Paterson, J.T.F.: Irish Cathedrals – Burden or Bonus? -XX, 2 p.93

Paterson, J.T.F.: The Irish Cathedral – rural -V, 2 p.12

Paterson, J.T.F.: Death – that’s life! Part I: resurrection and the Bible -IX, 2 p.46

Paterson, J.T.F.: Death – that’s life! Part 2: Resurrection and ministry -X, 1 p.24

Paterson, J.T.F. and McCaughey, T.: The goal of preaching -XIV, 2 p.27

Paterson, J.T.F. and Miller, H.C.: Liturgical Space -XVIII, 1 p.24

Pierce, A., The Church in the Nineteenth Century: Revolution and
Reaction -XXV, 2 p.123

Pierce, A.: The Use and Abuse of the Celtic Experience -XXIV, 1 p.13

Pierce, A.: Witnessing the Resurrection -XVIII, 2 p.134

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